Resolving difficult disputes

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes. I get involved as the mediator when you and the people you are in dispute agree to appoint me. I am completely impartial and work with both sides to find a resolution that works for you all.

Initial Private Meeting
Once appointed I will have at least one private meeting with you (and your lawyers if you are represented) to understand what is important to you and how you would like the dispute to be resolved. I will have a similar meeting with the other side. These discussions are confidential and I do not pass anything on to the other side without permission.
This meeting takes place online in advance of the mediation day.

The Mediation Day
On the day of the mediation I will have more private meetings with each side exploring options and passing on offers that each party may make.
There may be a time in the mediation when I ask the lawyers to meet together with me in my private room to discuss technical legal issues or just to explore different approaches if progress is not been made.
I may invite you to meet with the other side at some point during the mediation, This is entirely optional and will only happen if you want it to.

Binding Agreement
Most of my mediations end with the parties agreeing a resolution – we then have that written up and signed in a binding agreement which signals the end of the dispute.

My Mediation Expertise

column1-image1Contested wills, probate and trusts

column2-image1Personal Injury

column3-image1Clinical Negligence

column1-image2Boundary Disputes

column3-image1Partnership Disputes

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