My mediation fees

Contentious Probate Disputes Fee per party
Estate value less than £500,000 £1,200 plus VAT
Estate value more than £500,000 £1,500 plus VAT
Other Disputes Fee per party
Amount in dispute less than £500,000 £1,200 plus VAT
Amount in dispute than £500,000 £1,500 plus VAT
No monetary value eg boundary or neighbout dispute £1,200 plus VAT

The fees are based on two party disputes. If there are more than two separately represented parties the fee per party will be lower than stated above – please enquire.

The fees include pre-mediation discussions and preparation time.

If the mediation is in person then travel expenses may be incurred and payable.

For Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence disputes my fees are available from Trust Mediation.